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We provide quality Intensive Behavioural Intervention based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Skinner's analysis of Verbal Behaviour. Each learner undergoes an extensive assessment prior to the delivery of service. This assists in the development of an individualized program that is specific to the needs of the learner. Target areas may include the development or enhancement of social skills, imitation skills, communication skills, conversational skills, play skills, fine and gross motor skills, school readiness and school success.

Services are available throughout Simcoe County. Services can be provided in the learner's home or in the community (ie. pre-school, nursery school, daycare, school, after school program) as appropriate.

The Importance of Family

Family members are an integral part of the therapy team. They are encouraged to observe, learn, and use the same strategies in interactions with their children that their therapists use. They are welcome to attend any session and are expected to be part of regular team meetings.

Flexible Service Hours

Services are scheduled at times that best meet the child and family's schedule. Sessions are usually scheduled between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.​

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